"I am starting my fourth jar ! I just love it, take it from a compulsive skincare user & tester, my bathroom is filled with the latest and best products.

Finally a cream that is complete, that really works, not greasy and super hydrating. No need to carry a vanity case full of products. Baume 27 is THE cream, unique indeed, the only one.

It is the first time I find a cream that works on my sensitive and thin skin and that it doesn’t feel “tight” at the end of the day. It is my “wonder cream”. Bravo!"


Sylvette, La Seyne sur Mer




"Baume 27 reequilibrated my skin after a stay in the hospital. Regenerating, rich yet non greasy, it brought back tone, vitality and glow to my skin."


Anonymous, Paris





"I have a sensitive, dry and reactive skin. After 2 months of using Baume 27, my skin has regained tone, it is regenerated, feels soft and comfortable, small wrinkles have softened.People tell me I look great!"


Sophie Fox, Paris


"48 years old, total cosmetics fan, I have tried almost all, I think…its incredible effect is skin repair , just like rejuvenation. I use it day and night, as a single care. Results: my skin  has recovered its glow, it is smooth, plumper. A revelation!"

Nadine D, Liège- Belgium

"I use it to rehydrate and reequilibrate my skin. I run, I swim a lot,I go to the hamam, my skin is subjected to many “aggressions”. Baume 27 rebalances and helps restore my skin. It feels and looks great!"

Isabelle, Paris