Preparation N°10

Crème Bio-logique 27 + Booster 27


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The combination of these 2 products provides a preventive anti-aging, detoxifying and regenerating treatment. This preparation brings to the skin a protective shield against environmental aggressions (pollution, climate change), strengthens its natural defenses and treats the visible signs of skin aging.

The fluid-creamy high penetration texture is obtained depending on the dosage of the products.

Crème Bio-logique 27 is a hydrating, detoxifying & anti-pollution daily treatment for all skin types and all ages.

The light texture cream melts into the epidermis, it intensively hydrates the skin by replenishing the cellular water reserves.

Specially designed for urban and polluted environments, the formula helps diminish the penetration of carbon particles into the skin and protects against fine particles (PM2.5) and heavy metals, thus reducing oxidative stress and mitochondrial toxicity. The preparation acts like a protective shield for the skin.

The replenishing, skin-balancing formula is enriched with mineral salts & probiotics, it contributes to the renewal of epidermal, known as skin microbiota, and the proper biological functioning of the skin.
Skin is hydrated and feels as if it can really breathe again. It recovers its natural abilities and is better prepared to cope with daily environmental aggressions.

The skin’s natural radiance, vitality and balance are restored. It looks healthier.

Booster 27 is a genuine skin regeneration activator.

The bio-mimetic formula stimulates and reboots the natural self-regenerating and self-protection skin functions while preserving the skin barrier and microbiota integrity. Its high performing, multitask formula combines the regenerating, antioxidant and anti-stress properties of Centella Asiatica, brand signature adaptogenic plant and a selection of natural origin ingredients that boost the skin regeneration, stimulate its natural defenses and restore the skin microbiota. Booster 27 regenerates the collagen and restructures the hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin, and minimizes the appearance of dilated pores. Booster 27 targets all skin especially those exposed to environmental and daily oxidation and aggressions, and those in need of a skin regeneration activating and boosting treatment.

The skin regains firmness, density and tonicity. Small wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and skin seems tightened. The surface of the skin appears more homogeneous, as if smoothed, resurfaced, and the appearance of dilated pores seems reduced.

Application: Daily treatment– face, neck and décolleté.

All types of skin. Intensive anti-aging / detoxifying, regenerating, anti-pollution shield prevention treatment. Specially designed for skin exposed to the urban environment aggressions (pollution, sun, heat, cold, light …).


Mix 1 dose of Creme Bio-Logique 27 with 1 dose of Complex 27 R. Adapt the dosages according to your feel and the result.

Duration: 1 month - 1 application per day

  • Glow/ Brightening Glow/ Brightening
  • Hydratation Hydratation
  • Antioxidant Antioxidant
  • Regeneration Regeneration

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Preparation N°10

Preparation N°10

Crème Bio-logique 27 + Booster 27