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In order to maintain properly moisturized skin, it is crucial to rely on a daily home regimen skincare routine. Cosmetics 27 are natural treatments whose efficacy is based on the insightful formulas designed by Michèle Evrard, the Founder of the brand. By adopting hydrating face care, you soon regain naturally moisturized skin.

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    The water intake is essential to the skin, proper hydration indeed helps maintain the cellular life of skin tissue.

    The skin is covered with a hydrolipidic film which ensures natural protection. Thanks to this film, the skin tissue is protected against loss of water. When this barrier is altered, the skin is more fragile and tends to dehydrate easily. Dehydrated skin becomes dull and uncomfortable, it loses its suppleness and its natural glow. Since the skin is the reflection of our health, skin tissue must be preserved from external aggressions. At C27, we strive to protect your health and your natural beauty: this is the reason why we offer natural cosmeceuticals that help preserve the moisture of your skin. Our hydrating face care products have been specifically designed to help your skin restore its hydrolipidic film. Thanks to actives of natural sources, our skincare formulas rehydrate and help retain the water reserves of your skin. Acting as true boosters of hydration, our hydrating products help you regain supple, smooth, and plump skin. Day after day, small irritations and redness vanish, and your complexion is more radiant. Cosmetics 27 products are designed for all skin types. As part of your home regimen routine, they combine together to provide optimal result. Our hydrating lotion will help you prepare your skin to benefit from its daily care, and our serums will act deeply on specific issues, while our creams and fluids will be the perfect allies to help reinforce and restore your skin structure. Applied daily, our face hydrating products notably reduce the impact of external aggressions by alleviating skin tissue stress. You regain radiant and perfectly hydrated skin.

    Our hydrating face care may be applied daily, morning and night, on perfectly cleansed and dry-patted skin. Our products can be used alone or mixed together for optimal benefits. For instance, our Essence 27 hydrating serum, can be applied alone or blended with Baume 27. Thanks to this combination, the texture can be better adapted according to the skin type, thus contributing to a better penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. In order to recover perfectly healthy skin, make sure to follow a home regimen routine morning and night by applying your cosmeceuticals over the entire face, neck and décolleté. All our products efficiently penetrate the skin tissue without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. Thus, you can apply your hydrating fluid as a pre-care, and then follow with the best suited cream for your skin condition. Your C27 face hydrating home regimen routines may vary depending on your skin condition or even the seasons. For instance, during winter, you may use a serum to complement your regular treatment cream in order to help supplement the water needs of your skin tissue.

    At Cosmetics 27 we are committed to taking good care of your skin using natural ingredients which efficacy has been scientifically proven. We have designed our cosmeceuticals following guidelines for “clean cosmetic”. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and as such requires careful care. Michèle Evrard, our Founder has designed cosmeceuticals whose ingredients have been carefully selected in nature for their properties and actual results. Our hydrating face care is thus made from all-natural ingredients. We respect our pledge paying a special attention to respect both the natural beauty of your skin and the preservation of our planet.

    We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

    We engage in sustainability.

    Michèle Evrard, Founder

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