Preparation N°16

Essence 27 + Complex 27 L + Glow 27


This bespoke preparation combines the active ingredients of 3 formulas, they act synergistically to diminish the aspect of pigmentation marks and ageing spots as well as small imperfections and irregularities of the skin. The combination of these 3 formulas provides a complete treatment, adapted to all skin, even sensitive. These products, combined separately by 2, allow multiple preparations and textures to treat pigmentation marks, dark spots and skin imperfections.

The preparation N°14 provides a comfortable, lightweight, high penetration texture. Brightening and spot reducing treatment. Regenerative and anti-imperfection care for a smoother, more uniform complexion.

To discover which product and application suit you the best : Try our Diagnostic 27

Anti-oxydant - Hydrating - Anti-stress

Essence 27 is a moisturizing booster fluid which provides the skin with the moisture its needs while enhancing cell tone. A natural anti-oxidant, Essence 27 helps protect the skin against oxidative factors. It also contributes to soothing minor superficial irritations and combating cutaneous stress (pollution, light, attack, etc.). Essence 27 is the essential moisturizing base prior to any skin treatment. This ultra-light, non-greasy and high-penetration emulsion acts in perfect harmony with the skin and enhances the penetration of active ingredients.

This ultra-light serum melts into the skin to moisturize, soothe and lift tired and stressed skin. Complex 27 L immediately moisturizes and relaxes the skin.

The moisturizing action of hyaluronic acid combined to the “destressing” natural extracts help smooth out and uplift the features and literally “iron out” signs of stress and fatigue.

The efficacy is  perceivable upon application, the skin feels relaxed,  looks smoother and the features are naturally relieved , lifted* . Signs of fatigue and stress are visibly diminished, minor redness, sensations of tingling and tightness are relieved.

Complex 27 L is the ideal ally for stressed and overworked skin. An absolute "must have" to be used unreservedly.

Its unique, ultra-soft texture is applied like a second skin to smooth the features.

Fragrance-free - suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.


* 28-day clinical test conducted on 20 volunteers under dermatological control.

Glow 27 formula works to correct pigment spots and small skin imperfections. The selection of natural active ingredients helps to enhance skin's radiance while preserving the integrity of its ecosystem. The formula combines the effectiveness of lightening and complexion radiance activating of the active ingredients with the repairing, antioxidant and anti-stress properties of Centella Asiatica, an adaptogenic plant, the brand's signature. The presence of prebiotics helps to rebalance and regenerate the epidermal microbiota, skin's ecosystem. The serum also contributes to the melanogenesis inhibition and strengthens the epidermal barrier of the skin. Glow 27 is adapted for all skin type in search of a specific treatment for spot and imperfection treatment. It is a real remedy for dull, tired and damaged skin, and all skins exposed to extensive periods without sunlight, pollution.

The complexion appears more homogeneous, as the product is used, pigment spots, imperfections and the appearance of dilated pores are reduced (cure of 1 months minimum), the skin texture is more uniform. Glow 27 acts as a correcting – perfecting treatment of complexion, the skin regains a natural radiance.

Application :day and/or night – face, neck and décolleté.

All skin types, particularly recommended to sensitive and reactive skin, presenting pigmentation spots (sun, age …) and irregularity of the complexion, tend to be dry and dehydrated.

Preparation :

Before application, in the palm of your hand, mix one dose of Complex 27 C with 3 to 5 drops of Essence 27, then add 1 dose of Complex 27 L. Adapt the dosages according to feel and the result.

Don’t apply Complex 27 C before sun exposure or apply a high protective UV filter.

Duration : 1 month – 1 application per day

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Preparation N°16

Preparation N°16

Essence 27 + Complex 27 L + Glow 27