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We currently notice an increasing number of sensitive or sensitized skins. Environment, diet, stress, use of aggressive products are among the most common causes. Sensitive skins tend to show redness; they feel too tight and can suffer small inflammation. Uncomfortable, sensitive skin tends to dehydrate easily, to lose its ability to resist and defend itself; it becomes dull and less tolerant to external factors such as the sun, stress or hormonal changes. Our dedicated sensitive skincare treatment is formulated with natural ingredients that helps the skin recover its original balance and its self-defense capacities. Rebalanced, soothed and hydrated, the skin can regenerate itself: it regains its health and radiance.

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    Challenged and irritated skin need to implement a home regimen skincare routine that will help it defend itself against the external environment, especially stress. Unlike regular cosmetics, Cosmetics 27 skincare products are formulated to suit sensitive skins. They all contain soothing actives and are free of any irritating active agents that could trigger more redness and reactivity. Our treatments are specifically designed to support, improve and stimulate your skin natural regeneration process. Our Recovery 27 skincare treatment for sensitive skin is formulated with extracts of Hemp and Centella Asiatica combined with Lettuce and Lemon Balm water: these natural actives are known for their high soothing power. Thanks to this association, the skin can gradually recover, the appearance of small redness irritation seem to vanish, and the cutaneous barrier is reinforced. Sensitive skin also needs to be protected and hydrated. To that end, the skin tissue must replenish its surface film and its water reserves. The presence of hyaluronic acid brings an intense hydration which also allows to reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier. Perfectly hydrated, the skin recovers its suppleness and the irritations gradually disappear.

    Sensitive skin requires special care and an adapted home regimen routine. Once you have identified the products or other factors that can potentially worsen the sensitivity of your skin, you must implement a skincare program that you will follow morning and night. Then cleanse your skin with tepid water and dry your skin with a clean and soft cloth. Your skin is now ready to benefit from our cosmeceuticals. Adapt the sequence of your home regimen according to the sensitivity of your skin. Should your cutaneous tissue be very damages and fatigued, we recommend to use a course of treatment for a few weeks. When applied morning and night, our Recovery 27 skincare treatment will indeed support the rest and the lasting recovery of the skin. Less reactive skin may perfectly regenerate with just one daily application. Make sure to apply our cosmeceuticals also on the neck and décolleté. In addition, to not hesitate to combine and blend our different treatment to achieve unparalleled comfort and efficacy.

    In order to care for sensitive skin, it is essential to ban all irritating chemicals from your daily routine. This includes and is not limited to all household and functional products used on a regular basis. The association of the proper and good natural actives will help you more efficiently on the recovery road to long-lasting comfort and radiance. Our next-generation of clean cosmeceuticals is perfectly suited for the long-term care for sensitive skin. The skillfully crafted formulas of Michèle Evard are based upon the careful screening of natural ingredients whose efficacy is scientifically proven. With a passion for Ayurvedic Medicine, our Founder develops her skincare formulas with a special attention to sensitive skins, as this is also her own skin type. Her goal is to endlessly optimize her formulas to improve the natural ability of the skin to defend and regenerate itself. Our soothing serum for sensitive skin contains 91% of active ingredients from natural sources. Among them, Centella Asiatica: the signature product in our range, also known as ‘the plant of longevity”, is famous for its ability to regenerate, repair, and heal skin tissue. A major asset to help sensitive skin recover its radiance.

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