We have pre-selected for you in the box 27 Prescription Anti-age, 27 Baume and Essence 27.
Both products combine perfectly to effectively treat the signs of aging.
Suitable for dry skin lacking in tone and brilliance, mature skin (wrinkles and fine lines).
Select two additional products, we recommend priority, the Essence 27.

* Treatment of one month due to use daily.

  • Cleanser 27

    Baume Nettoyant Cellulaire Bio-Équilibrant
  • Baume 27

    Soin Réparateur Cellulaire Bio-Énergisant
  • Essence 27

    Fluide Hydratant Cellulaire Bio-Vitalisant
  • Huile 27

    Huile Régénérante Cellulaire Bio-Nourrissante
  • Plasma 27

    Masque Reconstituant Cellulaire Bio-Liftant

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Complex 27 R, Eyes 27

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