We have pre-selected for you in the box 27 Prescription Hydration, Essence 27 and 27 oil.
Both formulas provide a boost of hydration treatment and regenerating ideal.
Suitable for very dry, dehydrated, with dehydration wrinkles.
Select two additional products, we recommend priority, the 27 Cleanser, moisturizing cleanser.

* Treatment of one month due to use daily.

  • Cleanser 27

    Baume Nettoyant Cellulaire Bio-Équilibrant
  • Baume 27

    Soin Réparateur Cellulaire Bio-Énergisant
  • Essence 27

    Fluide Hydratant Cellulaire Bio-Vitalisant
  • Huile 27

    Huile Régénérante Cellulaire Bio-Nourrissante
  • Plasma 27

    Masque Reconstituant Cellulaire Bio-Liftant

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Complex 27 L, Complex 27 R

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