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The Cosmetics 27 face creams are entirely dedicated to the care of overworked skins, in particular challenged by the environment. Thanks to their concentration in natural ingredients, our face creams take care of your skin while respecting and reinforcing the structure of the hydrolipidic film. With each application you feel that your skin is soothed, and you regain a glowing complexion and plumped and hydrated skin.

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Anti aging cream
  • Anti aging cream Baume 27
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    Intensive Repair balm

    Every day, your skin is challenged by the effects of pollution, stress, an unbalanced diet, lack of oxygenation. It starts showing redness and irritation; pores tend to dilate and sebum is much less under control.

    To help maintain clean, hydrated, and radiant skin, it is important to implement a skincare routine suited to your specific needs. We are concerned about your health and skin; therefore, we are committed to developing clean facial cream with pleasant textures and outstanding results, that are skin-friendly and ethical.

    The Cosmetics 27 face creams may be applied as a skincare routine to help the skin protect itself against pollution and detrimental external factors. 

    Our Bio-logique 27 cream, a universal skincare product, is formulated with an anti-pollution active and prebiotics that reduce the impact of the polluting particles and toxins and it stimulates the microbiota found naturally on your skin. Your cream thus creates a protective shield that prevents harmful fine particles from adhering to your face. Your skin is regulated and perfectly rehydrated thanks to the action of the natural moisturizing active ingredients we have selected. 

    The Pure 27 anti-imperfection treatment reduces the appearance of imperfections by rebalancing sebum and smoothing the skin surface. It helps the skin tissue to better eliminate its toxins and to hydrate in order to control irritation and redness. The presence of Centella Asiatica also contributes to the renewing of the upper layers of the epidermis.

    Mature skins too need a cream adapted to their needs. Baume 27 is also a high-performance moisturizer; it combines three fundamental actions: regeneration, hydration, and irritation control (soothing). Your skin tissue is replenished, firmer, and more toned; it is better prepared to defend itself against external factors. 

    To keep your skin beautiful and clear, finding the proper skincare routine is essential. 

    Cosmetics 27 face creams can be used daily and are recommended for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins. For optimal results, always apply your cream after makeup removal on clean and dry skin. Massage your face cream to help it penetrate; you will find out that the texture of our skincare range is light and fluid enough to melt perfectly into the epidermis. Always extend the application of your face cream to your neck and décolleté. 

    Note that you can easily mix and match the C27 cosmeceutical products. For optimal hydration, don’t hesitate to blend a moisturizing serum with your Bio-logique universal cream. Consider adapting your skincare routine according to the seasons and your skin condition. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable in winter, add a serum to your face cream. 

    Since a face cream is applied daily, it needs to perfectly respect your skin’s health. Therefore, our Founder, Michèle Evrard is keen on relying on green chemistry that only uses ingredients of natural sources and whose properties have long been recognized by Ayurvedic Medicine. 

    Centella Asiatica is part of all our face cream for its millennial ability to heal, regenerate and repair skin tissue. Also known as the “plant of longevity”, its therapeutic benefits have been scientifically proven. 

    To create our cosmeceuticals, we are committed to following strict formulation specifications. This way, we discard all unnecessary products or presenting a risk to your skin or health. We make safe face creams with light texture, that you will enjoy for their soft natural fragrance and their ability to melt into the epidermis.  

    When applying our facial skin care products on a daily basis, you really start noticing the difference: your skin soon becomes more comfortable and lastingly hydrated and regenerated. 

    We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

    We engage in sustainability.

    Michèle Evrard, Founder

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