Face serum

The C27 face serums are highly concentrated and act at different levels to soothe sensitive skin, activate skin regeneration, and reduce imperfections and pigmentation spots. A true concentrate of actives, the serum is usually applied before the cream or treatment. It works in conjunction with your regular daily care to boost its efficacy. Cosmetics 27 serums are the invaluable expert care treatments of your skincare routine. 

Our serums are designed both for mature and younger skins. A serum can act on firmness, tonicity or skin hydration. 

The active ingredients act directly on the skin by biomimicry. We use only natural ingredients. Centella Asiatica is our star active to boost regeneration in the formulas of our serums. 

A face serum is a much more concentrated treatment than a cream, it targets specific needs. 

This kind of treatment is used as a complement to your cream. It may also be blended with your skincare routine following our principle of “Mixology”. When a serum has a specific target, it also allows to reinforce the efficacy of your creams. 

Recovery 27 serum is dedicated to the care of sensitive skin; it soothes and works as an anti-stress agent thanks to the power of Hemp extract and Centella Asiatica. 

Booster 27 is a powerful antiaging serum that activates skin regeneration. It helps the skin cells to regenerate themselves and to reactivate the protecting function of the hydrolipidic film. This treatment care also contains prebiotics, whose combination help the skin maintain its natural resilience. 

Glow 27 is recommended to help reduce the appearance of imperfections and pigmentation spots due to age or sun exposure. It also protects the skin against oxidative pollutants and helps rebalance the microbiota of the skin. 

Your serum helps your skin regain its radiance and youthfulness. Thanks to the targeted action of this skincare treatment, you can also address redness and irritation issues, skin imperfections and dark spots, as well as the effects of skin slackening. 

A serum is applied on perfectly cleansed skin, free of makeup and pat-dried. 

A face serum can be applied before the regular care or it may be mixed with it. For a more effective treatment, we recommend using your serum morning and night, making sure you apply it on the face, neck, and décolleté. 

All C 27 serums can be applied in double dose for optimal efficacy. 

The Glow 27 serum can be used preferably morning and night for fast and visible action on the appearance of pigmentation spots. You should adopt this routine for at least one month. 

Due to the high power of the serums, it is essential that their ingredients fully respect your health and that of your skin. This is why at Cosmetics 27 we are committed to formulating clean and natural cosmeceuticals thanks to the properties of plants and ingredients of natural sources. 

Our serums contain, in particular, Centella Asiatica, fruit acids, extracts of Pichia/Resverastrol ferment, Celery and Flaxseed extracts, distilled water of Lettuce and lemon Balm, Wheat ceramides, prebiotics (oligosaccharides, plankton extract), Cichorium Intybus root extracts, Cannabis seeds extracts, Scutellaria extracts, Golden algae and African birch bark. 

Our cosmeceuticals do not contain any unwanted and needless additives; they rely on our strict formulation guidelines. We thus offer clean and efficient serums, good for your health and for the planet. 

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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