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The Cosmetics 27 hydrating facial creams are designed to help rehydrate your cutaneous tissue. They reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier of your skin and help preserve optimal hydration throughout the day. Thanks to clean and natural products, you regain comfort and radiance.  

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    At Cosmetics 27, we aim at protecting your health and preserve the natural balance of your skin. With this in mind, we have created a cosmeceutical range with moisturizing properties that will help you regain comfortable and radiant skin. 

    Our C27 face moisturizers support the natural hydration of skin tissue by reinforcing its hydrolipidic barrier. They draw their efficacy from active ingredients of natural sources, with scientifically proven hydrating properties. Thanks to our moisturizing creams, your skin is fully hydrated, and the skin’s moisture reserves are maintained throughout the day. 

    Our hydrating creams Pure 27, Baume 27 and Crème Bio-Logique 27 are true boosters of hydration and they help you recover plumped, glowing, soft and supple skin. From the very first application you will feel soothed. By adopting a dedicated routine, you will soon find out that your skin is less prone to redness and irritation. 

    The cosmeceuticals we offer can be combined to adapt the texture of the care and optimize your skin care routine. You may then mix your moisturizer with any serum in our range. Applied daily, our moisturizers, blended with our serums, visibly and efficiently help reduce the signs of skin stress.

    Moisturizing creams may be used on a daily basis, morning and evening, after removing makeup and on a previously cleansed and dried skin.

    Our cream Bio-logique 27 is dedicated to all skin types: its lightweight texture melts into the epidermis and leaves the skin with a fresh and non-greasy finish. It is the perfect answer to your daily care.

    You may also customize the level of hydration according to the specific needs of your skin. If your skin is less comfortable and tends to tighten during the cold season, you may add an oil to your moisturizer. The association of cream and oil will combine and reinforce the hydrating and nourishing properties of the two products. 

    For optimum result and long-lasting comfort, make sure you apply your cream to your neck and décolleté.

    Cosmetics 27 is committed to offer you moisturizers with formulas drawn from nature. With this in mind, we commit ourselves to providing you with cosmeceuticals made entirely with natural ingredients. 

    The ancestral properties of Centella Asiatica help optimize the results on your skin. This plant, native to Madagascar, is famous for helping the healing, repairing and regenerating the skin. Also known as “plant of longevity”, Centella Asiatica is an ally of choice for skins seeking to recover natural hydration. 

    In order to develop clean and natural face moisturizers good for your skin, we follow a very strict formulation chart that forbids and eliminates all ingredients that may be risky or unnecessary to your skin’s health. Our Founder, Michèle Evrard, has designed manufacturing processes based upon the latest breakthrough in green chemistry.  We strive to use sustainable resources while avoiding the production of unnecessary waste and the use of substances that may be harmful to the planet. 

    We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

    We engage in sustainability.

    Michèle Evrard, Founder

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