Anti aging cream

The Cosmetics 27 anti-aging creams are clean cosmeceuticals that respect the integrity of your skin. They are formulated with natural ingredients that we have carefully selected for their exceptional repairing properties to the skin. Therefore, you can apply a naturally efficient cream that is good for both your skin and your health. 

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Anti aging cream
  • Anti aging cream Baume 27
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    Intensive Repair balm

    The skin is in constant evolution and undergoes many changes as time goes by: it is a natural process. 

    Every day the skin is challenged by external factors that affect it: stress, sun exposure, sleep deprivation, pollution, lack of hydration. Little by little, the cutaneous tissue becomes more fragile; it tends to dehydrate faster: itchiness, rashes and redness appear. Brown spots and wrinkles are more visible and affect the softness of your skin. Remember to protect your skin from the negative impact of the sun rays by applying an appropriate sun filter, vary your diet and adopt the facial routine best suited for your skin.

    The C27 anti-aging creams offer complete care for regenerating, repairing, anti-aging and they help fight fine lines and wrinkles. Baume 27 is widely recognized for the unique properties of its natural formula. Applied daily, the balm regenerates significantly your skin tissue thanks to its action on the neo-synthesis of collagen; it also helps fight the free radicals responsible for the oxidation of the skin. 

    Centella Asiatica and Aloe Vera both present in Baume 27 help soothe your skin while protecting it from irritations and redness. The soft Shea butter and Sal seeds bring optimum hydration. Gradually, you will note that your skin regains density, tone, elasticity and firmness. Your skin appears more radiant and healthier. 

    In order to reach optimum efficacy, we recommend setting up a dedicated skincare routine, well suited for the sensitivity and specific condition of your skin. Baume 27 treats and prevents the signs of aging, and is also intended to take care of damages and challenged skins. 

    Apply your anti-aging cream morning and night to a perfectly dry and cleansed skin. Do not forget to apply your cream on the neck and décolleté. 

    Our anti-aging balm is perfectly suited for mature, pre-mature, reactive and dehydrated skins. The frequency of application may be adapted to each skin type. Dry skins can use the balm as their day and night cream, adjusting the dosage, and they can supplement the skin’s nourishment needs with an oil. Normal to combination skins may prefer to use it as a day cream and to combine it with a serum at night. 

    Consider custom-designing your care by mixing your anti-aging cream with our C27 serums. Their combined action is truly beneficial for your skin’s health and to optimize the results. 

    Be sure to avoid the eye contour area when applying the balm. If you have reactive skin, we recommend testing the balm on a small area of your neck before applying it to your entire face. 

    Cosmetic 27 strives to offer you cosmeceuticals that respect both the skin and the planet. This is the reason why we are committed to using ingredients of natural origin. 

    In order to respect this commitment, we have elaborated a strict formulation guideline, and we follow very carefully these specifications in order to offer you anti-aging creams that contain no harmful ingredients neither for you nor for the planet. 

    We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

    We engage in sustainability.

    Michèle Evrard, Founder

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