Skin brightening serum

The skin brightening serum Glow 27 targets pigmentation imperfections and dark spots. It is made of natural ingredients acting in synergy with your skin to help it regain a smoother and more even tone appearance. It helps reduce the aspect of pigmentation spots and other small imperfections of the complexion. Our serums are known for their high concentration and are true concentrates that target and solve the issue they are designed for with optimal efficacy. 

Every day, the skin is challenged by the sun, environmental pollution, stress and an array of external and internal aggression (food, treatments). Weakened, it is in a defense mode, and its protection and regeneration capacities are jeopardized; gradually it shows signs of fatigue along with imperfections and brown spots. In order sustain the skin’s ability to repair itself, we use Centella Asiatica, whose regenerative properties have earned it the name of “plant of longevity”. This millennial plant is known to repair, heal, and regenerate the cutaneous tissue, and as such is the ultimate ingredient to take care of skin’s imperfections.   

Thanks to its high concentration, the anti-imperfection and anti-brown spots Glow 27 Serum targets the damages caused by an unbalanced diet, pollution, stress, the sun, or when wearing a mask. These factors can be responsible for various reactions of the skin, whether it is redness, blemishes or even pigmentation disorders and brown spots. The skin loses its natural glow, and is shows irregularities and becomes more sensitive. 

Our Glow 27 serum reduces the appearance of imperfections and pigmentation spots by promoting cell renewal and by regenerating the hydrolipidic barrier, which in turn reduces the appearance of visible spots. To prevent the appearance of new imperfections, our treatment serum limits the migration of melanin pigments responsible for increased development of the spots. Glow 27 also acts on pollutants and oxidative agents by reinforcing the capacity of the skin to defend itself. Thanks to the prebiotics it contains (oligosaccharides and natural hydrolysate of Wheat), this serum helps the cutaneous tissue to rebalance its microbiota.

Applied daily, the anti-imperfection serum helps you regain healthier skin, visibly brighter and more even. 

To regain radiant and healthy-looking skin, adopt a skincare routine adapted to the sensitivity of your skin tissue.

In addition, apply your anti-imperfection serum over the entire face, neck and décolleté, on clean and dry-patted skin. If you are looking for quick and visible results on your pigmentation spots and imperfections, plan for a course of treatments for at least a month and apply two doses of the serum morning and night. 

Glow 27 acts as a real skin corrector and you will soon notice the effects of the active principles on the evenness of your skin.

A serum may be used on its own before applying the day or night cream to increase its efficacy. You may also mix the serum directly with your usual products. Glow 27 can be blended with all the C27 cosmeceuticals, in particular our Hydrating face cream Bio-logique 27, the anti-aging Baume 27 and the Huile 27 face oil. 

True to our pledge of transparency and authenticity, Cosmetics 27 is committed to creating ethical and clean cosmeceuticals. 

As it is the largest organ of the human body, your skin deserves healthy and natural skincare that do not alter its functions and its capacity to protect itself. This is why we engage in the respect of strict formulation guidelines that we apply both to our active principle and our excipients. We rule out from our products any unnecessary and risky component, and we formulate our treatments by selecting a vast majority of excipients (non-active ingredients) from natural sources. Our Founder, Michèle Evrard, follows and studies all the advances regarding ingredients and green chemistry in order to constantly improve the quality and naturalness of her formulas. 

As a result, our anti-imperfection serum contains 94% of natural ingredients such as the extracts of Centella Asiatica, Scutellaria, Golden Algae and African Birch bark, Thermus Thermophilus marine ferments, Wheat ceramides, amino acid (Lysine aspartate) and prebiotics (oligosaccharides, natural hydrolysate of Wheat). 

The green chemistry we rely on to make the C27 cosmeceutical range, also contributes to the good health of the planet. With sustainable development at the heart of our operations, we take pride in manufacturing and packaging all our products in France. 

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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