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Cosmetics 27 anti-aging serum combines the properties of Centella Asiatica to help you regain firmness, tonicity, and density. Gradually, the tissues are tightened, fines lines are filled, the skin is smoothed, resurfaced and the dilated pores seem to vanish as you apply this high-performance formula on a regular basis. When adopting a well-suited skincare routine, your skin soon reveals a glowing complexion and a healthy look. 

It is a natural process for the skin to evolve with time. Subject to daily external aggressions, stress, and an intense way of life, it loses its radiance and its firmness, wrinkles appear, pores look more dilated and imperfections are more visible. Little by little, the cutaneous tissue becomes more sensitive, and it needs to be efficiently protected and revived. 

Our serum will help limit those adverse factors on a daily basis. Consider combining the serum with one of our anti-aging creams: indeed, the serum is by nature highly concentrated and it will boost the efficacy of your usual skincare treatments. So, do not hesitate to enhance your Cosmetics 27 day cream with our anti-aging and regenerating Booster 27. 

As we age, the skin is less effectively protected against external factors: it tends to dry more easily and show redness, brown spots, and deeper lines. While it is important to carefully watch your way of life, for instance, by protecting yourself when exposed to the sun, you can also adopt a skincare routine well-suited to maintain healthy skin and adapted to your age. 

An anti-aging serum may be used from the age of 25, this being the age when cell renewal tends to slow down. Applied daily, a serum helps to tighten your cutaneous tissue and to reduce any age-related imperfection. Indeed, serums are made of powerful actives that act directly on the skin’s texture, wrinkles, and brown spots. 

The Booster 27 anti-aging serum acts on the skin in five different ways; it refines skin texture, increases the natural regeneration process and prevents the damages related to the oxidation of the cutaneous tissue, it restores the hydrolipidic film in charge of protecting your skin from external aggressions, it helps secure the balance of the microbiota to maintain the natural defenses. 

When applying daily your anti-aging serum, you regain firm skin that is glowing and plumped again. The pores become less visible, your fine lines seem to vanish away and your skin texture looks more even. 

A serum may be applied alone or mixed with your daily skincare products. To fully take advantage of the benefits of our Booster 27 anti-aging serum, we recommend that you implement a skincare routine adapted to your skin and its unique needs. 

Apply your serum morning and evening to clean and dry skin, and after removing makeup. Be sure to spread the product over the entire face, neck and décolleté. For faster visible results on the signs of aging (brown spots and lines), proceed with an intensive course of treatment of at least one month, and apply daily two doses of serum morning and night. 

You may also customize your skincare routine according to the seasons and the sensitivity of your skin. 

Cosmetics 27 is committed to manufacturing cosmeceuticals that are good for your skin, your health and the environment. This is why we have set strict formulation guidelines and we scrutinize the principles of our actives and excipients. 

We only select natural materials and which efficacy has been proven scientifically. In order to formulate our anti-aging serums, we rely on green chemistry, which among other criteria, does not resort to using reagents and solvents, harmful to your skin and the environment; chemistry that respects both the sustainability of natural resources and the rules regarding the emission of toxins into the environment. 

Thus, the Booster 27 serum formula is based upon the purified extracts of Centella Asiatica, we call “our longevity plant”. It is the ultimate ingredient to rebalance, moisturize, regenerate, densify and tone the skin. 

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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