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The Gua Sha massage is a beauty technique derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The motion gestures performed with the Gua Sha stone on your face act directly on lymphatic drainage and help the skin regain its tone and promote radiance.

Gua Sha is a Chinese massage technique for the face that can translate literally by “scratching the disease”. This energy massage aims to eliminate toxins and illnesses related to fatigue and stress. Thus, the Gua Sha method was originally used for medical purposes. The stone action on the face allows stimulating the meridians in order to optimize the circulation of blood and energy. The Gua Sha Jade stone helps to eliminate the toxins, stimulate microcirculation, firm the skin and relax muscles and facial features. To be fully effective, the Gua Sha must be held at a particular angle and applied to the skin maintaining a specific pressure.

Gua Sha offers three main beneficial actions on the skin. This massage is a tonifying ritual that firms the muscles, lifts and smoothes the facial features, detoxifies and eliminates toxins, decongests and reduces visibly dark circles and puffiness. Used as part of your daily routine, Gua Sha stimulates blood circulation, revives the complexion, and thanks to the elimination of the toxins, it makes the skin healthier and clearer. The Gua Sha is a wellness ritual since the massaging action of the stone on the skin relaxes and releases tension. At Cosmetics 27, we have selected a White Jade Gua Sha, as this stone is renowned and prized in China for its benefits on the skin. This stone of wisdom has balancing, decongesting, and soothing properties. It is a cold stone that brings a very pleasant sensation of freshness when in contact with the skin. Symbolically, White Jade represents harmony and purity. Used daily, White Jade Gua Sha will help stimulate collagen and will support the regeneration and healing process of your skin. Your complexion becomes brighter, and your dark circles and puffiness are visibly reduced.

For optimum benefit, use your White Jade Gua Sha on a daily basis for a 3 to 5 minutes massage. Apply the C27 treatment (Baume 27 and Huile 27 or Mask 27 and Essence 27), best suited to your skin condition, then slowly slide the stone while exerting a light pressure to the skin. For better results, repeat each maneuver 3 times on each side of the face. Facialist and Gua Sha expert Marie Depoulain, recommends positioning the Jade Stone at a 90° angle and to start massaging the neck first. To smooth the features, position the Gua Sha at a 45° angle and proceed step by step on the different parts of the face. In order to decongest the eye contour, use the flat part of the stone and proceed with a deep stretch up to the temple. Watch our video tutorial to master the Gua Sha massage ritual.

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