Good Personalized skin care routines

« I’ve created my products to be yours. I want our customers to take ownership of the products. » M. Evrard, C27 Founder

Your skin is unique, adopt your personalized skin care routine!

and you are the best expert for it ! No one should know your skin better than you. Only, the great many have been taught to believe in words, they are inclined to listen, read, follow, trust all the prescriptors available on the market, and in the end, they are often disapointed. They are looking for better advice, ultimately feeling lost in front of the ever more plethoric and competitive skincare offer. As a brand founder, and a customer myself, I totally relate and I understand the reactions, the doubts and questioning.

Our mission at C27 is to provide assistance to each of our customers so that they can manage listening to their skin needs and find the products that suits them best. To achieve this, we have conceived two supports : mixology and personalized skin care routines.

Why Mixology ?

Precisely because each skin is unique and the skin has its own rythms and needs which depend on many external and internal factors. They can change with the environment, climate, season, overall health condition, emotional factors, stress and many more factors. The skin naturally requires different treatments wether it is in ingredients and problem solving or texture.

What is Mixology ? A principle to personalized skin care routines

Being a pharmacist, I applied the fundamental remede, the « pharmaceutical preparation » to our formulas. A pharmaceutical preparation is a preparation that is prescribed for one person, one time and is prepared for a specific need. It’s a « personal » preparation. In conceiving each formula, I thought them to be « blendable » so that anyone could use them as they please to reach a « made to measure preparation », a unique personalized skin care routine !

There are 2 criteria in chosing and adopting a product : the texture, the product feel and the results . That is why I imagined mixology as part or our products performance. It does not require any specific training, it is instinctive and you become the founder of your own preparation ! The key elements in finding your preparation : your skin appreciates it and you see the results ; Having explained this, many ask us for advice on what product they should use and how should they use them. That is why we suggest our good personalized Skin care Routines which are our best sellers and takkle the most demanded skin concerns : age control, imperfections, lack of skin glow, dehydration…These will be completed soon with more routines.

We insist on a key step in any routine, wether you adhere to ours or have your own, a good skin routine starts with cleansing. I cannot insist enough on this step in a routine. Wherever you may be, however your lifestyle and environment, the skin needs to be cleansed daily as it produces toxins, secretions, it has a vital role in our body breathing, in evacuating the toxins and it is where many exchanges take place. Soft cleansing and regular soft exfoliation are the key to a good skin. It helps unclogg pores, stimulate regeneration and reinforce the skin barrier. Note the importance of « soft » treatments, harsh treatments are not necessary if a skin a treated adequately and regularily.

Adpot your personalized skin care routine !