Skin imperfections and maskne

It is back to school time and as it happens often, we dread the “rebound effect” of the return after our vacation on our skin. This year, we are all the more worried that when going back to school or to the office, we will have to also get back to the habit of wearing a mask and we are afraid of seeing a quick resurgence of skin imperfections and redness.

As a matter of fact, during the COVID sanitary crisis of these past few months, surveys and statistics have shown that wearing masks is directly responsible for the increase of redness and blemishes on many people’s skin.

A word has even emerged to describe this new phenomenon: maskne. It is the contraction of two words: mask and acne! It is mainly a concern for combination to oily skin and those prone to acne, but it may also affect sensitive skin and also dry skin that both tend to be easily irritated.

Let us explain to you how maskne settles and more important how to fight against these skin imperfections.

What causes maskne?

Covering the nose and mouth is one of the key measures of protective behavior in the time of a pandemic. This artificial screen helps limit the spreading of airborne viruses and thus the number of infections.

However, wearing a mask is not pleasant, even more so when worn for a long time all day long. It traps our breath, which is warm, produces humidity, thus potentially creating a “germs nest”. This is how some of us have experienced redness and blemishes in the area covered by the mask: around the mouth, nose, and cheeks.

  • If the skin is combination to oily, if it already suffers excess sebum, if it is not perfectly cleansed, we will often see a resurgence of imperfections, enlarged pores, and acne.
  • If the skin is sensitive and reactive, then redness and discomfort will appear, and with them, inflammatory pimples may also occur.

The process is quite simple, it is multifactorial:

  • The friction of the mask on the skin will cause “mechanical” acne, a direct result of these frictions
  • The moist heat resulting from our breathing and that is trapped creates the perfect conditions leading to the unbalance of our skin microbiota.

When the mask rubs against the skin, it also promotes a natural exfoliation that speeds up the release of dead cells that remain trapped on the skin surface, underneath the mask. The warmth dilates the pores, and these cells are more likely to be trapped in them, causing blackheads. As the humidity level increases with our breath and warmth, bacteria have a perfect breeding ground to develop: all the conditions are met for the arising of blemishes, pimples, imperfections, irritation, and redness.

How to fight against the imperfections resulting from mask-wearing?

More than ever, with the mask wearing, it is fundamental to take the right steps to maintain the balance of the skin microbiota and to keep healthy and perfectly cleansed skin.

In order to efficiently fight maskne, you must adopt an appropriate skincare routine including:

- Methodical cleansing of your epidermis

- Treatment cream specific to care for imperfections

- Complementary skincare treatments to help your skin protect itself and maintain its balance (cream mask)

Thorough cleansing of the skin: the basis for any effective skincare routine

In the morning and the evening, make sure to properly cleanse your skin and opt for the C27 double cleansing routine.

  • To perfectly eliminate all the impurities accumulated during the day under the mask, and to optimize the repairing night care to follow
  • To prepare the skin and maximize the action of the day cream

Cleanser 27 is applied directly to the pat dry face and allows a soft exfoliation thanks to its fine Bamboo powder, then when in contact with water its delicious balm texture transforms in oil for ultimate comfort to the skin. Sebum, pollution, traces of makeup, and toxins are gently removed.

Ideally, you will use a natural sponge, like the Konjac sponge, 100% natural and biodegradable, which complements the gentle exfoliation of Cleanser 27 and that stimulates the cell renewal process in a natural manner.

To perfect the double cleansing routine, it is important to hydrate and remineralize your skin with the toning and balancing Mist 27. Its composition helps balance the pH of the skin, to strengthen the cutaneous microbiota and the hydrolipidic barrier necessary to maintain its proper balance.

Mist 27 is the must-have product that prepares and optimizes the treatment cares, whether it is your night repair treatment or your protective day cream.

Choosing a skincare routine adapted to mask-wearing

In addition to thorough skin cleansing, the basis for healthy and glowing skin lies in: its hydration and the quality of its microbiota.

Good skin hydration will strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis. It is also the carrier that allows good penetration of the nutrients in our skin and the suppressing of the toxins that contaminate it. Well-hydrated skin will result softer to the touch and it will be better able to take advantage of the benefits we will offer it with our skincare treatments.

When we wear a mask, the moisturizing cream acts as a protection between the skin and the mask. It will reduce the impact of the friction, which over time becomes irritating to the skin.

Choose soft, light textures, that are non-comedogenic so as to not weigh down the skin. Serums are your best ally for fuelling your skin radiance. Avoid creams that are too rich or products that tend to trigger sebum production. Instead, opt for formulas rich in antioxidants that will help the skin better fight against the peculiar conditions of mask-wearing.

The microbiota is an array of bacteria that acts against pathogen factors and contributes to our immune response. Any imbalance of this system will allow bacteria to overgrow, unbalancing the pH of the skin and leading to inflammation, redness, and imperfections.

This is the reason why at Cosmetics 27 we offer you a specific maskne routine in to allow you to:

  • Purify your skin and balance its microbiota thanks to Fluide Pure 27 and its “next generation” formula, enriched in natural prebiotics which are groundbreaking and uniquely active and efficient. Its light and non-greasy texture penetrates quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and matte. Its expert formula helps regulate bacterial proliferation thanks to Hemp seeds oil and prebiotic fibers of Chicory.
  • Moisturize and soothe the skin with Recovery 27 serum: its ultra-fluid texture soaks the skin with water and soothes it immediately. It is the best ally of challenged, irritated and stressed skins. Hemp seeds, Melissa and Lettuce combine to help the skin strengthen its natural defenses, while Centella Asiatica and Chicory root act on collagen synthesis and skin repair. Sodium Hyaluronate fosters the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin and allows the microbiota to restore its balance. The skin is like reprogrammed, it regains its natural glow.
  • Detox and revitalize the skin with the hydrating Mask 27: the reference multifunctional mask! 

- Moisturizing thanks to the Hyaluronic acid which provide both immediate and long-lasting effects

- Detoxifying with the win-win combination of Centella Asiatica, Kombucha, Everlasting and Daisies

- Revitalizing with Centella Asiatica, the cornerstone of all our formulas

- Rebalancing the Microbiota thanks to prebiotics, Melissa water, Bisabolol, and Vitamin B3.

As an “instant radiance” mask, in a short 15 minutes, or as a rejuvenating night cream-mask: in either option, it is the insurance to regain plump and supple skin with a revived and healthy glowing complexion.

How to properly use and clean your sanitary protection mask

Avoid wearing masks that are too small for your face. Your mask should fit snuggly but not too tight, and it should not rub your face too much.

In order to avoid the buildup of bacteria enabling blemishes, make sure to cleanse your protection mask if it is cloth made, and replace it on a regular basis if it is a disposable mask. Bacteria and other impurities tend to stack up in the mask leading to the appearance of redness, skin irritation, and blemishes.

In order to cleanse your cloth mask, it is best to boil it to eradicate pathogens. Prefer the use of mild, allergen-free laundry detergents and avoid fabric softeners which often contain substances potentially irritating to the skin.

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