Skin fasting, what to make of it ?

Interview Michèle Evrard by Dr Véronique Buckenmeyer - Founder of and pro-ageing doctor

What is skin fasting ?

Well, this trend started essentially in South Korea and is buzzing across the social networks as a new way to take care of one skin. It means stopping to use any product on our face for a period of time, from one day or one week or more ! The theory behind being that our skin has the capacity to self-hydrate, self-protect and self-regenerate. This is true, but in a context where a given skin is under totally ideal, controlled and balanced conditions (air, environment, food).

No product, no cleansing, not even any moisturizer…Is it a good thing ?

It depends on the context and the skin. The quest for the perfect, young skin implies some excesses and abuses in the types and quantities of products usage and this now leads to the total opposite reaction. This trend was initiated by heavy users of cosmetics, especially aggressive skincare and heavy make-up. Over time, this can affect the skin balance and capacities. The idea of “cleaning up”, “desintoxicating” the skin is interesting, but it is exposed to the environment, and even without any make up, our skin needs to be cleansed daily. It is an essential healthy skin step.

What would you recommend ?

Balance and measure. It would not be wise not to protect the skin to go in the sun, right ? It is the same with daily care. A skin needs to be hydrated. It is indeed true that the skin has the physiological capacity to hydrate the hydro-lipidic barrier but it is constantly losing water and on a defensive mode as exposed to increasingly aggressive and oxidizing environments. Fasting is not an appropriate way to take care of our skin, especially if we live in cities, urban areas, under high level of UV, if the skin is dry, dehydrated, damaged…in short, our daily life ! Meanwhile, on a positive note, this excessive new trend is one way to raise the attention on better understanding our skin, its real needs and becoming more measured in the number and amount of products women and men, use. All our skin needs is less, not nothing ! I would recommend to the heavy users of cosmetics and make up to reduce the number and quantities of products they use for a period and identify which ones are important or necessary for them. Then keep those which don’t mean some extra twist in a skin diet, once in a while !

What is your skin routine ?

I have to use products daily and at all time! I admit skin fasting is not for me. My skin is too dry and… I live in Paris where the air has a real serious impact on skin. I cannot start the day without the Mist 27 which I spray on my face right after the shower (with a quick Cleanser 27 wash). My skin needs a daily mist Mist 27 is used as a toning and soothing lotion, after cleansing/ make-up removing with Cleanser 27 and before the application of a treatment care. It is also used as a mineral mist, instant moisturizer and toner. It can be mixed with all the Cosmetics 27, especially Baume 27 in order to fluidify its formula and adapt the texture to all skins and seasons ! Four or five sprays at about 20 cm from the face. Make the product penetrate with gentle tapping motions. the Baume 27 daily. I blend it with Huile 27 and right now with the new Glow 27 serum in the morning. At night, I clean my skin, no matter the time, then I spray Mist 27 and apply the new Booster 27 serum. I adapt my routine and products with the seasons and travels, but I never travel without these essentials ! I insist on cleansing and make-up removing. Our environment, anywhere today, leaves pollutants and particles on our skin along with the wastes our skin produces (sebum, toxins). It all builds up on the skin and becomes asphyxiating; it also affects the microbiota which we know is so important to maintain our good skin balance.

This seems like a lot…

It is all about the right dosage. That’s why I prone mixing the products before applying, it naturally forces women (and men) to use less product. Try blending large doses of products together and see if you can apply and have your skin absorb it all. Our products are formulated to avoid over dosage of ingredients and excipients build up on the skin.

So skin fasting or not ?

Try it for one day or at least at night, and see what it does for your skin. Your skin might need breathing, recuperation, detox, “a day off”, but don’t deprive it, it needs to be taken care of. Adopt the “less and better”, the healthy skin diet !

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