Give your skin a break
Give your skin a break
Despite a growing trend towards slow living and self care, our daily lives, environments and our many daily pressures have significant impact on our skin. The skin is our protective barrier against all agressions. It is the primary line of defense. All kinds of external and internal factors create repeated « shocks » on our organism and skin. This produces inflammation, oxydation and ultimately leads to cellular degenerescence and ageing. Read more
Hemp, a source of good skin benefits
Hemp, a source of good skin benefits
Cannabis Sativa and Hemp are actually one and the same plant. Cannabis Sativa L. is considered as the sole and unique specie of Cannabis, the « mother » of two very distinct plants : Hemp and Cannabis. The difference between the two has developed over centuries plant breeding and adaptation to environmental changes. What makes the two different is their concentration in active molecules of which the cannabinoïds. The ones that are most sought after THC and CBD. THC is a forbidden ingredient in cosmetics while CBD is authorized with restrictions. The extracts that are used come from seeds and oil and they have virtues on the skin. Read more
Skin fasting, what to make of it ?
Skin fasting, what to make of it ?
What is skin fasting ? Well, this trend started essentially in South Korea and is buzzing across the social networks as a new way to take care of one skin. It means stopping to use any product on our face for a period of time, from one day or one week or more ! The theory behind being that our skin has the capacity to self-hydrate, self-protect and self-regenerate. This is true, but in a context where a given skin is under totally ideal, controlled and balanced conditions (air, environment, food). Read more

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