What are cosmeceuticals?

At M.E.SkinLab, we define a cosmeceutical product as a cosmetic inspired by the traditional pharmaceutical preparations taking from the formulation and the properties sought. Cosmetics 27 are not just cosmetic products but they are authentic treatments for the beauty and health of the skin.

Universally, skin needs focus on Hydration, Regeneration and Correction.

Cosmetics 27 « cosmeceuticals » are thought to accurately meet most expectations and needs expressed by women. Initially conceived by Michèle Evrard for her own personal need & use, they quickly met many other women’s needs! In priority: skin aging effects, loss and lack of tone, skin slackening, dull complexion, aging spots…

Cosmetics 27 are daily use products that bring nutriments and essential ingredients to the balance of the skin and its functions.

What is a serum ?

The action of the serum is to treat the skin in a powerful and efficient way and to endow it with the capacity of self-regulation and reconstitute its own defenses. The serums have now become essential to any demanding skin routine.

In order to provide the most accurate solution, Complex 27, active concentrated serums, combine to other products from Cosmetics 27 range, reinforce their efficacy and permits to create made on measure skincare preparations on demand. Nothing “complex” in Complex 27, only efficacy that skin deserves and needs intuitively.

What is Homeostasis ?

The term « Homeostasis » comes from Greek and means « maintain in good condition”.

Etymology: hómoios, « similar », and  stásis, « stability, action to keep standing.

Homeostasis is the organism capacity to maintain a relative stable state in regards to the various components in the internal environment despite the regular variations of the external environment.  

The principle of Homeostasis comes from the Indian Ayurveda traditional medicine whose one of the ground idea is to live as long as possible by preserving mental and physical health.

The cell functions comply with the concept of Homeostasis. Cosmetics 27 products maintain the skin structure in a relative equilibrium state, despite the variations of its environment.

What’s microbiota ?


It is about all bacteria and micro-organisms that are at the surface of the skin and create a complex ecosystem. It maintains and protects the defensive barrier function of the skin.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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