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Men & Cosmetics 27

  1. Can men use Cleanser 27?

Before shaving: Cleanser 27 softens the skin and exfoliates asphyxiating dead cells, which helps clear the hair and perfect shaving. The skin will be better prepared for an easier, gentler shave.

After shaving: Shaving attacks and stresses the skin. Cleanser 27 soothes the skin; it provides the skin with daily protection and relief. Excess dead cells are eliminated and the hydrolipidic film is reconstituted.

  1. Essence 27, ideal after-shave care

Essence 27 is a non-greasy moisturizing fluid ideally adapted to men’s skin. It helps rebuild the skin’s moisture reserves while soothing everyday irritation and razor burn. It also provides anti-oxidant and regenerating action to reinforce the structure of the skin tissue. A simple step, a few drops in the palm of the hands, followed by application onto the entire face.

  1. Is Baume 27 suitable for men?

Baume 27 is a “universal” skin care product suitable for all skin types. This global skin repair treatment is suitable for men with damaged, stressed skin, exposed on a daily basis (cold, climate, sun, shaving, sport, etc.). There is growing concerns over fragile, dry, sensitive... and damaged skin among men. Baume 27 is a solution tailored to all these needs as well as, more importantly, anti-ageing care needs. It moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and provides anti-oxidant protection. We recommend combining it with Essence 27 to simplify the treatment (2-in-1) and adapt the texture to the skin’s taste and needs.

  1. Plasma 27, a mask for men?

This mask has been pre-impregnated with a non-greasy lightweight serum formula. No need to apply a thick layer of product! This 10 to 15 min moisturizing and anti-fatigue treatment-care product is ideal for men: jet-lag, long days, long nights, fatigue, stress, etc. Wake up your skin! Plasma 27 soothes your skin, reboots your cells and smoothes out your facial features in just a few minutes.

  1. Why use Huile 27 on your beard?

Huile 27 is the ultimate care product for your beard and moustache; it nourishes the hair, keeping it supple and shiny. The Huile 27 formula has a high level of regenerating, hydrating and soothing ingredients with omega 6 & 9. It only takes a few drops. Rub in the palm of your hands and apply onto your beard.

  1. Complex 27 L, lifting and anti-stress care for men

Complex 27 L is a smoothing and lifting concentrate ideal for stressed, damaged and tired skin, particularly in an urban environment. The features are lifted, fine lines less visible and the complexion radiant.