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Men’s skin

Men’s skin is different from women’s in terms of appearance and physiological constitution. This explains how men’s skin reacts, evolves and ages.

In fact, men have the same needs as women: cleansing/exfoliation- moisturizing- specific skin care products - regeneration.

They naturally focus on dedicated product brands which generally revolve around shaving and after-shaving and are therefore reassuring! But for their skin care needs, they can in fact use the same products as women, by dosing and applying the products differently.

Cosmetics 27 products are equally suitable for men and women.

What initially makes them completely acceptable is the packaging, then, the textures, the natural fragrance and finally the results!

Be sure to test them, gentlemen!

  1. Oilier, therefore more resistant skin

Men’s skin is oilier, men’s level of testosterone is 10 times higher than women’s which, as a result, significantly stimulates the sebaceous glands. As the hydrolipidic film on the surface contains more sebum, men are better protected against external stress factors. The composition of sebum is different in men. It contains squalene, which has irritating and inflammatory effects, which creates more favorable conditions for the appearance of acne.

  1. Thicker, firmer skin

Men’s skin is thicker (25% thicker than women’s), more elastic, firmer: the cell layers which make up the epidermis are more numerous and the dermis contains more collagen. This thickness gives the skin great resistance; it is less responsive to external stimuli.

  1. Sensitive and sensitized skin…

Men’s skin is more vascularized than women’s. Men’s skin is more sensitive than women’s: as the layer of subcutaneous fat is thinner in men, the skin responds more quickly to stimuli as well as pain and weather conditions (more nerve endings). Men are therefore more sensitive to sunburn than women. Why? Because of the hormones which are involved in the thickness of men’s skin and which also gives it more resistance.  Sensitivity is enhanced by daily shaving, a major source of skin irritation and dehydration.

  1. Sometimes dry skin…

Whether innate or acquired, men often suffer from dry skin. Dry skin frequency increases with lifestyle, in particular for urban dwellers (stress, pollution, air conditioning, excessive heating), but also with the climate and the absence of protection (extreme cold or bright sunshine). Men also perspire more than women; their skin therefore becomes dehydrated more quickly by evaporation.

  1. Skin that ages slower but ages nonetheless!

All these factors could delay the ageing process. However, as soon as ageing signs appear, wrinkles will be more pronounced and deeper. Women’s skin already sends warning signs from the age of 25/30, whereas men’s skin almost goes unnoticed until they hit their 30s. After this age however, men can be quite brutally reminded of the skin ageing process…