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About preservatives

Let’s talk about preservatives in cosmetics

Cosmetics 27 formulas are based on natural ingredients and don’t contain any paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oil or artificial coloring.


A paraben is a component with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are used as preservative in cosmetics, food and other products.

In 2010, the use of parabens was controverted because of its potential action on the receivers of oestrogens, inducing a possible action on fertility and on depending oestrogens tumors, such as the breast cancer. Nowadays, the side effect of parabens have not been scientifically proved. Yet, it remains the universal preservation system and the most used worldwide. Some parabens have been removed from the list of authorized ingredients in cosmetics. The cosmetic industry has substantially reduced the number and the concentrations used in products or even eliminated the use of parabens. Those that are still used by the industry are authorized by Cosmetic regulation.


Cosmetics 27 formulas are conceived with natural ingredients and are phenoxyethanol free.

Phenoxyethanol is an aromatic glycol either used in dermatological products such as skincare and sun cream for its preservation and solvent properties.