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For whom and what for?

Responses for all

Cosmetics 27 products are intended for everyone.

They are equally suitable for women (originally designed for them!) and men. They can be used for all skin types and colors. While our tests are conducted on Caucasian skin, our loyal customers around the world are the best testimony of their efficacy on all skin types.

Responses for all needs     

At all ages and in every season, our skin mirrors our health. It expresses our general condition, beyond its physical role, reflecting everyone's balance or imbalance. 
The skin is a living organ that reacts to everything around it and everything it experiences. Exogenous factors such as climate, temperature, humidity or dryness, air conditioning, confined spaces and any treatment combined make our skin react, adapt or otherwise. Endogenous factors such as stress or food are also causes which affect the skin's health, quality and general condition. It therefore appears that the skin and its needs are constantly changing, which justifies our approach of adapting the skin care products to a specific need of the skin. 
The unique concept of The preparations provides adapted solutions to the skin's changing needs (see Preparations section in the e-shop).