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The Preparations, “made to measure”

The Concept

According to Michèle Evrard's philosophy, the skin does not adapt to the product, the products adapt to what the skin wants or needs. It is therefore important to learn about the skin, understand and feel the skin so as to prepare and use the products in “made to measure” preparations (blends).
Cosmetics 27 are designed to work together in a complementary, synergistic and modular manner. The combination of product formulas is intended to be greater than the sum of their parts. The products' actions are maximized and the results are optimized. Every product can become an "ingredient" from which you can create your own tailor-made preparation.

How can I choose my preparation 27?

We feature 10 preparations on the e-shop which best respond to universal basic needs for the skin; you can find them in the section “the Preparations” in the menu “e-shop”.  Those preparations are only suggestions that can be adapted for daily and evening skincare. While the combinations are infinite, their creation is a fairly simple process as the mixtures and dosages are limited to 2 or 3 products at the most. The mixtures and dosages can be learnt relatively intuitively.

You have access to a personalized diagnostic on our homepage that will help you to choose the suitable products for your skin needs.

How to make a bespoke preparation?