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Despite a growing trend towards slow living and self care, our daily lives, environments and our many daily pressures have significant impact on our skin. The skin is our protective barrier against all agressions. It is the primary line of defense. All kinds of external and internal factors create repeated « shocks » on our organism and skin. This produces inflammation, oxydation and ultimately leads to cellular degenerescence and ageing. The need to protect ourselves from stress, to help our organism cope and recuperate has become universal.Our skin has the exact same needs, skin recovery is a physiological reality.

Recovery 27, the new serum, treats the daily need of skin stress prevention and reparation. The natural tech formula takes its calming and restoring proper ties from two « star » power ingredients : Hemp seed extract and Centella Asiatica. These reknowned therapeutic ingredients help the skin regain its natural resistance and lower the effects of daily agressions and stresses. A skin which can recuperate will better fend ff and prevent inflammation damages over time.

Michèle Evrard Edito :

Calming my skin, helping it face daily agressions and irritation are key properties that I prioritize in all my formulas. My skin tends to be sensitive and increasingly reactive. Cold, heat, dryness, sudden changes in pressure and environment, water and air quality, stress, chemicals, fragrances, the sun (of course) are as many factors that can get my skin to react, from light rednesses to spots and itching. It was one of my motivations to create my own natural, clean, skin care products. This also led me to develop my own black list of ingredients, chasing any potentially sensitizing ingredient, making sure that they are bio- compatible, effective and comply with my uncompromising formulas charter. My mission is to bring the best regenerating clean skincare. Recovery 27 holds a special place in the line. It is the answer for all sensitive, tired, exposed and sensitized skin searching for « recuperation ». If you feel you need a break, so does your skin !

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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