Product & Mission

The next generation of
clean cosmeceutics.

Cosmetics 27 are not mere cosmetics. They are genuine alchemies that naturally help regenerate the skin and maintain its vital balance [homeostasis], beauty, health, and ultimately, its longevity.

The uncompromising formulas are savvy compositions, all conceived by Michèle Evrard. Because an efficient formula is not only about ingredient concentrations but also its structure, our products combine the latest innovations and research in natural ingredients with advanced formulation technologies. We pride ourselves on creating  « clean »  products that deliver effective, visible, lasting results.

Cosmetics 27, pioneered the next generation of natural cosmeceutics.

Product mission :

  • _  Slow ageing by stimulating skin regeneration and repair
  • _  Reduce skin inflammation and prevent oxidation
  • _  Maintain and protect the integrity of the skin microbiota
  • _  Deliver high efficacy & lasting results while
    preserving skin balance
  • _  Be eco-responsible, sustainable & authentic

The skin is the mirror
of our health.

The skin is our largest vital organ. It is our protective envelope and a « capital » we should preserve and maintain. Our objective at C27 is to help keep it in good condition and health, naturally. Michèle Evrard‘s research on skin focuses on skin ageing & regeneration, skin inflammation, prevention and skin microbiota as the keys to skin beauty, health and longevity.

I became interested in Ayurvedic medicine
and its therapeutic plants while searching for scaring remedies.
It led me into my holistic approach and integrative skincare concept.

- Michèle Evrard

Michèle promotes the concept of Integrative Skincare, in which the skin is a central part of our health. Michèle fosters a skincare regimen aimed at protecting, preserving, improving, maintaining the skin physiological balance, called  « homeostasis ». This implies working on the skin’s fundamental functions to provide what it needs or what it’s missing, reduce stress and inflammation and promote optimum skin functionality. The holistic, integrated, approach to the skin calls for personal involvement and self-care. Whether it is through lifestyle, food, environmental conscience, stress management or other factors, our skin is a reflection of our lives!

Good for your skin, good for your health


A cosmetic product inspired
by traditional
pharmaceutical preparations
both for the formula and efficacy.

Centella Asiatica,
the skin’s longevity secret

In parts of Asia, Centella Asiatica is named the “longevity plant.” Also known as Tiger Grass, Gotu Kola, Pegaga or Indian Pennywort, it has been used for more than 3,000 years in traditional medicines & therapies in India and Asia. The plant grows naturally in tropical regions and is cultivated on the island of Madagascar. Interestingly, that last origin contains the most exceptional concentration of active molecules and therefore is the source Michèle uses in her formulas. All products contain the « longevity plant » as the brand anti-ageing ingredient.

Centella asiatica

An ancestral and fundamental plant in Ayurvedic medecine, with scientifically-proven therapeutic properties.
Known as the longevity plant, it regenerates,
repairs and heals the skin.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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