The founder

« Our skin is our largest vital organ; it is our protective shell and a « capital » to be kept in the best condition possible, the longest possible, the most naturally possible. »

Michèle Evrard,

the founder

I have worked in the cosmetic industry for more than 20 years, with a strong emphasis on product development. I inherited this passion from my studies in pharmacy.

Where does your passion for formulation come from? 

«Passionate about formulation and research on natural "remedies", I work to maximize the action and effects of the natural ingredients I select for each product I create.»

I’ve worked in the cosmetic industry for more than 20 years, with a strong emphasis on product development. I inherited this passion from my studies in pharmacy, which gave me a taste for research and pharmaceutical preparations that provide targeted and personal treatments. I have created effective, "authentic", ethical, uncompromising products which combine technology and innovation with the tradition of compound preparations.

What is your philosophy of the Beauty and skincare?

To me, skincare is part of a lifestyle where beauty rhymes with healthy.
I advocate getting back to essential via an integrative, preventive and natural beauty. I want to provide accurate and adapted responses to very simple needs.
My philosophy has been founded on the concept of Homeostasis, the capacity to constantly maintain the organism equilibrium. Our skin can lose through the years its capacity to self-regulate. Cosmetics 27 are precisely aimed to help the skin to self-regulate, and consequently to self-regenerate.

What was the revelation?

In 2002, when trying to "erase" a scar from my skin, I discovered the repairing virtues of Centella Asiatica. This was a revelation: the plant contains a superior cosmetic dimension, capable of fulfilling the demanding criteria of comprehensive anti-aging treatments. The Cosmetics 27 products, genuine re-balancers of skin tissue, have been designed around the powerful properties of Centella Asiatica, the products signature plant also known as the "longevity plant".

Cosmetics 27 are not simply cosmetics, they are genuine treatments enhancing the skin's beauty.

And the development of the Cosmetics 27 range?

Universally, the needs of the skin are focused on Moisturizing, Repair and, with age, Correction. Cosmetics 27 are natural "cosmeceuticals" with tried and tested efficacy which target these needs.I define a cosmeceutical product as a cosmetic product inspired by traditional pharmaceutical preparations in terms of formulation as well as intended actions.

What do you mean by “made on measure skincare”?

Each skin has its own biorhythm, it suffers from the influence of our physical, emotional or intellectual state. Therefore, the skin needs are changing.
Our formulas are developed to be in affinity with our skin alchemy, we talk about biomimicry. In order to meet the demanding criteria of each skin, I’ve created a short range of products that allows you to make “made on measure preparations” by blending the products together. It maximizes their actions and the results are optimized.


Thanks to Cosmetics 27, everyone will find an adapted response, a solution specific to their own skin.