Decode your skin!

Our diagnostic for your skin will allow you to better select the products that are best suited for you.


Decode your skin !

Take 3 minutes of your time for your skin !

I'll decode my skin

Our quick diagnosis will allow you to identify the product(s) of the range that will suit you best when you do it.

Your skin is an organ that has its own biorhythm and has its "moods". It is therefore changing (climate, environment, food, fatigue, stress, ..) as well as its needs. Your diagnosis can therefore evolve in time and according to your rhythm, where you are or your way of life.

Recommendations for use:

  • This survey does not replace medical advice in case of particular symptoms or the need for specific care
  • In case of dermatological treatment (oral or topical) ask your doctor for advice first
  • Do not apply to open wounds
  • Use of products is restricted to adults
  • Pregnant women can use the products, use reserved for the face (avoid cleavage especially during breastfeeding)