Pigmentation spots

Hormonal changes, the sun, age and genetics can be responsible for the appearance of pigmentation spots. If these spots are usually completely harmless, they can be unsightly looking and they leave an uneven complexion. Cosmetics 27 is a range of expert skincare treatments that focus their action and efficacy on regeneration and on improving the appearance and the skin condition. The efficacy of our anti-brown spots relies on ingredients of natural sources. In particular, we take advantage of the Centella Asiatica exceptional properties to improve the radiance of your skin and to preserve the wholeness of its microbiota. 

Cosmetics 27 anti-pigmentation treatments help your skin prevent and notably reduce the imperfections and brown spots. 

Our anti-brown spots treatment formulas are composed with active principles from natural sources; their efficacy relies on the complementarity and synergetic action of our high-performance actives. 

Thus, the Centella Asiatica found in all our formulas contributes to stimulate skin cell renewal and to reduce the appearance of spots, redness and imperfections. The natural hydrolysate extract o Wheat and the Golden Algae in our Glow 27 treatment also allow to limit the migration of melanin pigments that are responsible for the appearance of brown spots with sun exposure (UV). Finally, the combination of Golden Algae and Centella Asiatica also helps your skin prevent and repair minor redness and inflammation.

Our anti-spot treatments are designed to improve the unsightly appearance of pigmentation spots while contributing to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and rebalancing the skin’s microbiota. Glow 27 anti-spot serum contains prebiotics that help the skin’s natural protective micro-organisms (probiotics) to strengthen and regenerate

To reach optimal results, your skin must be properly and lastingly moisturized and must maintain its water reserves. Indeed, hydration will help the skin reinforce and protect itself against external aggressions, often the cause of the occurring of imperfections. This is why we recommend to include our Glow 27 treatment into your intensive hydration routine. 

Thanks to your C27 skincare routine, your skin is healthy again! Within a month, brown spots, imperfections, and enlarged pores are visibly lesser. Radiant and plumped again, your skin tissue regains lasting evenness and softness.  

To achieve visible and lasting results, anti-pigmentation treatments must be applied daily. 

To this effect, you need to implement an appropriate skin care routine. Morning and night apply your anti-brown spots treatment to the face, neck, and décolleté. To ensure complete and efficient action, your skin must be perfectly clean, makeup-free and patted dry. 

In order to get rid of pigmentation spots, apply two doses of the Glow 27 spot reducing serum morning and night. Repeat this procedure for a month to obtain optimal results. You can combine this treatment with your Intensive Hydration routine in order to hydrate, protect and stimulate your skin’s natural radiance. 

Note that our spot reducing treatments can be mixed with all the products in the C27 range: cream Bio-logique 27, Baume 27 and our oil Huile 27 will thus complete your home regimen and deliver optimal and long-lasting results. 

At Cosmetics 27 we strive to offer you skincare treatments whose effectiveness is based on the benefits of the plants. 

The skin is the largest vital organ of the human body; it is a protective cocoon that deserves to be treated very the greatest attention. With this in mind, our Founder, Michèle Evrard, has made the choice to create her formulas by selecting exclusively raw material issued from natural sources. 

Centella Asiatica, Golden Algae, African Birch bark, Marine ferments and Wheat Ceramides are shrewdly blended to create an anti-brown spot treatment made of 94% natural ingredients. 

Cosmetics 27 draws its inspiration from Ayurvedic Medicine in order to develop integrative treatments entirely made of therapeutic plants. We rely on the skin’s natural powers, and we support it so that it can optimize its own regenerative and self-defense capacities. 

The beauty and health of your skin are at the heart of our preoccupations and are the cornerstones of our commitment. This is why we manufacture clean natural products that respect both your skin and nature.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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