Double cleansing, an essential skin ritual

Our skin, an active shield

Let’s start with the basics : your skin basic needs are cleansing and hydration. The rest is, of course neccesary, essential, but there is no good skin without good double cleansing. Our skin is a high activity organ. It is our protective barrier against the environment we live in as well as a body detoxifying and homeostasis* regulator. As a physical shield, It protects us from aggressive elements, invading and health damaging microorganisms , pollution particules and more. On a physiological level, it holds a vital role as a barrier of exchanges and filters everything, both inward (oxygen,water, nutriments, trace elements, medecine ) and outward (sebum, sweat, toxins, metabolic wastes). On another level, our skin is a great « support », kind enough to also hold any external cosmetic product such as make-up, sun filters. Needless to re-list all impurities toxins, particules, dirt, natural wastes that go through and sit on our skin daily. Even if we don’t use make-up and stay home…

Double cleansing, a serious skin treatment

All the above mentionned aggressors and elements, for a large majority are oil soluble. This means that we need to use an oil based product to thoroughly remove them. You do not dissolve an oil stain with water, right ? Yet, our skin is made of water for over 70% (on average) meaning it also ensures the transit of water soluble elements which need to be removed with water. It means we need oil & water in a cleansing product, that's why we recommend double cleansing. That is the case for all cleansing milks, lotions, micellar waters, gels, creams. All containing various ingredients but all based on oils and water emulsions. These can also be called make-up removers, as make-up is to be treated as all other elements of skin pollution.

Double cleansing, the new standard

Double cleansing is a skin cleansing routine that comes from Asia, precisely South Korea. It is part of their skincare intensive regime that thoroughly clear their skin.

The routine includes two steps :

  1. remove all make-up & oily impurities with an oil based cleanser
  2. remove all dirt, sweat with water (water based cleanser)

This two steps cleansing might seem longer than the ones many have adopted - especially the younger generation – such as micellar water as a mean for make-up removing and cleansing.

All the good reasons to double cleanse

It will clear the skin, remove most skin good functioning impurities and toxins, prevent from blemishes and break outs, stimulate the cellular renewal, clear dull skin, moiturize the skin, help maintain the hydrolipidic protective barrier balance (epidermis) and ultimately help the skin to be a clean canvas and take the best of the treatments applied.


  • If you have an oily or acne prone skin, double cleansing is also good for you . We recommend it. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse with water.
  • You can double cleanse morning and night for different reasons. Morning : to clear the skin from night impurities building up and environment pollution (yes, inside). Night : to remove the remains of your day !

Cleanser 27, double cleanse with our transformation balm

Cleanser 27 is a balm (oils & butters) oil- based cleanser that will turn into a soft oil under massaging. The skin massage has many benefits :

  1. oils & butters (shea, sesame, macroloba) disolve all oil soluble impurities , oxygenate the skin, stimulate detoxification (toxins release) and light exfoliation through a soft micronized natural Bamboo powder action.
  2. When water is added onto the balm-oil, it turns into a light emulsion through the action of natural emuslifiers (sucroesters for the pros !) which removes all other dirt.
  3. Rinse out with water and soflty dry the skin A one step treatment in 3 phases : balm-oil-water emulsion for a clear pure skin. This is the perfect season to change your routine and adopt a good cleansing routine.

It might be a bit longer than a fast one step cleansing but your sin will simply be healthier, looking good !

Check our double cleansing routine