Hydration: best-kept beauty secret

Hydration is one of the cornerstones of our health and balance. Without it, our metabolism undergoes stress and its harmful consequences on our wellbeing and our health. Therefore, we can wonder about its impact on our skin and our beauty, along with the means to fight against the cutaneous hydric deficit.

Hydration of the skin: the key to glowing skin

The skin is our largest organ. It represents 16% of our total weight. It fulfills several vital functions, one of which is the fundamental action to protect us from external factors (excess sun, wind, extreme temperatures, pollutions, toxins…)

It is a protective shield against dehydration, and it has a thermoregulatory role.

On average, the skin is made of:

  • 70% water
  • 27% proteins
  • 2% fat
  • And mineral salts and trace elements

In order to fully understand the importance of skin hydration, you first need to comprehend its structure and its mode of operation. It is composed by:

  • The hypodermis which is the deepest layer of the skin
  • The dermis where lie the proteins (collagen, elastin) and the extracellular matrix
  • The epidermis which is the most superficial and the thinnest of its layers

The surface of the skin is covered by what is known as «the hydrolipidic film»: a structure of water and lipids, whose primary function is to create a protective barrier against external aggressions and where thermal regulation takes place. It is instrumental in helping to limit the water losses of the skin, and its composition participates in its suppleness.

The composition of this protective film varies with age, seasons, stress, health condition, and the environment. Often richer in sebum in teenagers, this film becomes more scarce and less efficient as we age.

Why should I hydrate my skin?

Limiting the water loss that the skin sustains on a daily basis is a central issue when it comes to beauty: indeed, water participates in the quality of cell renewal, and it allows for a glowing complexion and soft, plump skin.

With time, dehydrated skin will lose its radiance; fine lines appear and wrinkles deepen. A lack of hydration will lead to tightness, discomfort, tingling, loss of elasticity, premature aging.

When we are born, we all have a “hydration capital” with the presence of hyaluronic acid found in the connective, epithelial and nervous tissue. In the skin, it is found mainly in the intercellular cement of the epidermis.

Inflammation and free radicals tend to degrade the quantity of hyaluronic acid in our skin. This is why it is important to properly moisturize your skin to help compensate and counteract this process that affects the quality of the skin:

  • By drinking enough to avoid hydric stress and dehydration that inevitably impact skin tissue
  • By supplementing your food intake with hyaluronic acid
  • By using hydrating actives on the epidermis to help fight water loss
  • By boosting or supplementing the skin locally with serums and creams that are enriched in hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts with moisturizing properties.

Hyaluronic acid can be found either in the form of “long strings” or short strings”. C27 has chosen to combine high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in order to target the skin at a deeper or more superficial layer, and in a more precise manner so to reach the expected results in terms of hydration, suppleness, and plumpness of the skin.

There are other natural and botanical solutions to support and help reinforce skin moisture topically. Cosmetics 27 focuses on Aloe Vera, vegetal squalane from the Olive Tree, Wheat Cerasomes, Lemon Balm Water, Shea Butter, or Sesame oil for their recognized moisturizing properties. True to our planet-friendly eco-responsible and sustainable development values, we favor local sources.

Skin Hydration: Am I concerned?

We all have a “hydration capital” that evolves with time and all skin types can be subject to dehydration.

By nature, thin skins tend to dehydrate faster than thicker and oilier skins. Indeed, the sebum found in the hydrolipidic film tends to reinforce this cutaneous barrier and thus helps limit water loss. Structurally thicker, oily skins benefit from a more substantial hydration “mattress”.

However, it is a mistake to believe that oily skins cannot be affected by dehydration.

Lack of hydration immediately leads to dull, uncomfortable skin. Prolonged dehydration leads to premature aging in all skin types, resulting in more wrinkles and fine lines, skin slackening, lack of both elasticity and firmness.

Furthermore, only a skin that is well moisturized will be able to properly absorb and transport in its deeper layers, the nutriments and other treatment treasures it needs, and that we provide with adapted skincare routines.

How to properly moisturize your skin according to its type?

Dry skins lack lipids, but they are not necessarily dehydrated. They need to be nourished. We suggest richer, nourishing formulas such as Baume 27 . Iconic product of Cosmetics 27, it has the added benefit of moisturizing thanks to a powerful blend of Sesame Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera, when at the same time boosting skin regeneration with our precious Centella Asiatica, the plant of longevity, the signature of our cosmeceuticals range.

If the skin is dehydrated, we suggest complementary moisturizing solutions such as Essence 27, an intensive hydration fluid to be applied morning and night under your skincare cream.

Oily skin shows excess sebum, but it may also lack water and be dehydrated. In this case you will rely on lighter regulating formulas (Yet not stripping to the skin in order to avoid irritation and a rebound effect!)

Crème Bio-logique 27 Hydrating Cream is the perfect ally of normal to oily skins, and for city dwellers whose skin is attacked daily by pollution. Its light texture melts into the epidermis and it is well suited for all skin types and daily use, day and night. The combination of Aloe Vera and Wheat cerasomes with Lemon Balm water and Olive Tree extracts provides it a moisturizing power of choice. Resverastrol and polysaccharides create an anti-pollution and antioxidant shield.

In case of dehydration, normal to oily skins can also complete their daycare cream with the Hydrating face serum Essence 27, rich in hyaluronic acid and repairing Centella Asiatica.

Last but not least, all skins will benefit from the application of a moisturizing mask on a regular basis, for instance once a week at least. Such a routine is a true fountain of youth for all overworked and mishandled skins, abused by stressful rhythms and environmental pollution. It is the assurance of radiant and better-prepared skin.

With its non-greasy emulsified gel texture, Mask 27 transforms into cream when massaged to the skin. Highly concentrated with next-generation Hyaluronic Acid, it works at the heart of the skin to help restore its hydration foundation. Once a week as a mask for 15 minutes or as a resourcing mask to be left overnight: the choice is yours!

Either way, the combination of Italian Everlasting, Lemon Balm, and our favorite active Centella Asiatica, awakens the skin which is soft and supple again and comforts the soul with its enveloping fragrance.

How to moisturize my skin efficiently?

Moisturizing is the most important step of your skincare treatments, whether at the salon or at home, and regardless of your skin type. For it to be effective, it must be performed on clean, smooth skin, free of all impurities (makeup, pollution, “dead cells”).

Before applying moisturizing creams and serums, always make sure to perfectly remove your makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

This step should be done gently and using formulas designed for your skin type, its condition, and the season.

At C27, we recommend a gentle daily cleansing with Face balm Cleanser 27. Composed of Sesame and Macadamia oils, it gently captures the “debris” trapped in the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Its Micronized Bamboo extracts provide a smooth and light exfoliation to liven up the skin by stimulating skin regeneration naturally.

We will then choose the routine best suited to the skin according to the specific needs of each individual, and that evolve in time, with seasons, the place where we live, life events (stress, pregnancy, menopause…), and age.

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