Pink October: Together mobilized to fight against breast cancer!

It is that time of the year when the press talks about it: Breast Cancer. For nearly 30 years, October has been adorning Pink Ribbons to support all the women who courageously fight against this disease. Beyond this month of awareness regarding cancer prevention, it is throughout the year and throughout life that every woman must remain mobilized.

Breast cancer in a few figures

There are nearly 60,000 new cases each year in France, and breast cancer is still the leading cancer in women and one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths for women. Yet, systematic screening allows for the detection of any abnormality and early diagnosis. Moreover, the vital prognosis is far better with early detection, and today we manage to cure nine women out of 10 within five years.

Thus, in October, the watchwords are PREVENTION and SCREENING! Why wait? In France, screening is free, and it is a straightforward test to go through!

Breast cancer screening

Mammography screening has entered our lives as women and has settled there. Control and early detection of cancer improve the chances of recovery and save lives every year!

From the age of 25, follow-up with your Ob-Gyn once a year and self-palpation are recommended; Mammograms every two years for most women. Sometimes every year for women with a higher risk of cancer, especially if there is a family history of cancer.

Regardless of age, any change should prompt a consultation. And we must keep our mammograms in our diaries so as not to miss them.

Unfortunately, the health context of these past few months has led to a historic decline in participation in screenings.

So, in 2021 and for the years to come, we resume our good habits: we consult, check, and we don’t forget to get screened!

#PinkOctober, it’s all year long and for everyone!

Promising breakthroughs in breast cancer therapies

For years, thanks to a strong mobilization, cancer research has allowed treatments to evolve. As a result, the therapies offered are more varied and more targeted.

Following the advances on the targeted dosage of chemotherapy, which make them less aggressive and more efficient, we can safely bet that the latest developments in immunotherapy and pharmacogenetics will soon help complement the more traditional therapies like breast surgery, radiotherapy, and hormone therapy.

Although the side effects are unfortunately still present, the customization of treatments and better-suited dosages help women to tolerate these treatments better, sometimes painful.

Support care is becoming the rule, and the medical teams take into account the patient’s entire physical and psychological conditions to adjust the protocol strategy. The goal is to make the protocols more acceptable from both a physical and mental perspective.

Undoubtedly one of the most significant advances in anti-cancer treatments and breast cancer care protocols is that we finally understand that the human being is a whole and must be taken care of in a global manner.

Cosmetics 27: a renewed commitment in the fight against breast cancer

Because we are (mainly) a team of women

Because, by design, we love to take care of women

Because we believe that Nature can give us the Best,

We commit ourselves every year to support the fight against breast cancer.

After several years of collaboration with the Pink Ribbon Association, we have launched a partnership with “Collab For Love” during this Pink October month so all women can enjoy the benefits of the plants and reveal their natural beauty despite the hardship.

We donate 10% of the sales made on to the National Institute Gustave Roussy, to help support research, prevention, treatment, and aftercare.

Regeneration is at the heart of our brand project. What would then be more natural for us than helping women reconstruct and affirming of their beauty, whatever the circumstances.

We offer products with proven regenerating properties, notably thanks to the use of Centella Asiatica in all our formulas. A plant with ancestral virtues, also known as “Plant of Longevity”, a cornerstone of Ayurvedic Medicine and recognized in terms of healing and regeneration of skin tissue, particularly through its action on collagen, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans.

The Cosmetics 27 range offers high-performance cosmeceuticals with natural formulas developed from active ingredients of plant origins with proven properties, selected and dosed for optimized results regardless of the skin condition and the events that affect it.

We help skin to regain its balance and reconstitute its own regenerating capacities and self defense.

Baume 27 is C27’s flagship product for skin regeneration. It is a real asset to care for tired, exposed, damaged skin that lacks vitality. Renowned in France and internationally, Baume 27 has become a cult product for a growing community of women.