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Food supplement, essential nutrients

In an ideal world and life, you would get plenty of sleep, have no stress, stay hydrated, have a perfectly balanced diet including vitamins, minerals, amino acids , antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omegas) and other nutrients. Your body would maintain optimum metabolism, protection and regenerative capacities. But our reality and daily lives are not always ideal. Many factors impact our nutritional balance.

Eating habbits : a large majority of people don't get the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone. They fail to meet dietary recommendations due to strict dieting, poor eating habbits, erratic eating, stress that can lead to binge eating or other syndromes. All lead to disbalance nutrients intake and health risk. This has direct impact on our skin condition and skin health.

Ageing : nutrients absorbtion declines with age, our body does not have the same capability to break down and absorb nutrients as it used to. Medications may also deplete essential nutrients and affect our skin health.

Food quality : food nutritional value is greatly affected in processed, prepared, frozen and preserved foods. Farming methods and world food also has its toll on food quality as soils have been depleted from minerals and nutrients (pesticides, fertilizers).

Food supplements can help restore the imbalances created by the above factors. Supplements ensure optimal nutrition by topping you up with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. We thought our Supplement 27 to do just that ! Food remains the first and best source of nutrients, body energy and health.

Our skin is the mirror of our health, think about food supplement

We are what we eat and drink. Knowing this, our skin will obviously reflect any nutritional imbalance : dry skin, sensitive skin, excess oil, acne and blemishes, fines lines, lack of glow, dull skin, dark circles. All these visible signs can be adressed through nutrition.

We know that biologically, after age 26, the body starts to slow down and doesn’t regenerate proteins (collagen and elastin) as efficiently . This will be accelerated with age and other factors. Despite a well balanced diet, our environment and lifestyle have a huge impact on our body, mind and ultimately our health. We are exposed, for the large majority, to excessive oxidation (pollution, stress, smoking, alcohol, excess sugar, chemicals) and lack of body replenishment (sometimes excess as well !). Balancing our act is fundamental.

Our skin, as a vital breathing and protective organ, is the first one exposed to our environment and as such is under tremendous pressure. It digs into its reserves to fight back agressors and invaders and needs to be sustained, replenished, often supplemented.

Beyond treating efficiently the skin topically (externally), internal skin nutrition can be a real asset and need.

In supplementing the skin, the main ingredients should bring additional vitamins (A, B, C, D) and antioxidants (Selenium, Vit E) in order to restore the skin protection and prevent excessive cellular degradation. Along with these, the skin needs ingredients that will stimulate proteins (collagen & elastin) synthesis and cellular regeneration to reinforce the skin, especially after 40 years old, as the metabolism starts to slow down . Minerals are also fundamental (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron for women). Not to forget the essential fatty acids, known as Omegas (3, 6, 9) that are key to structure the skin barrier . These cannot be synthesized by our organism and often require nutritional attention or supplementing (fatty fish, borage oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil).

Including a food supplement Supplement 27 in the line was a natural for me. Nutrition is at the center of my concerns for the skin. The purpose of Supplement 27 is to boost and complement the effects of our products, working inside out.

Our Supplement is formulated around key proven , natural ingredients that reinforce the skin structure, its protective defenses and stimulate the skin regenerating capacities. It is part of a global holistic, integrative approach to skin health.

Supplement 27 composition is thought to be pricesely additive, just to add on a diet and boost it. It is, by no mean, intended to replace proper, balanced food regimen. As I feel people have become much more aware and cautious about what they put through their bodies, sollicitating our immune system. A supplement should be used during certain season changes or during specific times in our lives. The pandemic we are all going through has put tremendous pressure on our minds and bodies. The context has had a harsh impact on our immunity , aside from the damages caused by the virus Covi-19. It is helpful to sustain our organism, especially with anti-inflammatory, vitamins ( specifically Vitamin D) and antioxidants.

M. EVRARD, Founder

Important note :

-Food supplement do not replace balanced diet and exercice.

-Consult a doctor to ensure that supplements are right for you and won’t interfere with any medical conditions or medications you might taking.

-When pregnant, consult a gynecologist, doctor, before taking any food supplement .

-Take the food supplements with water, in the morning (vitamins).

Do not exceed the recommended dosage as all ingredients are dosed. Refer to the product ingredients listing for dosages.