Hemp, a source of good skin benefits

Hemp vs Cannabis Sativa L.

Cannabis Sativa and Hemp are actually one and the same plant. Cannabis Sativa L. is considered as the sole and unique specie of Cannabis, the « mother » of two very distinct plants : Hemp and Cannabis. The difference between the two has developed over centuries plant breeding and adaptation to environmental changes. What makes the two different is their concentration in active molecules of which the cannabinoïds. The ones that are most sought after THC and CBD. THC is a forbidden ingredient in cosmetics while CBD is authorized with restrictions. The extracts that are used come from seeds and oil and they have virtues on the skin. Today CBD has become the new « it » ingredient essentially for its soothing, calming, hydrating properties.

An eco-responsible plant, good to earth

It has been proven that Hemp could litterally become an « earth remede » against environmental deterioration. It has « bioremediation » properties which means that it helps repair soil aggressions. It could eliminate heavy metals from soil and prevent invasive species to spread via its high canopy. This would help avoid using toxic pesticides. A plant to follow…

Recovery 27, infused with Hemp seeds extract

The Hemp seed extract we use in the new serum Recovery 27 is obtained through a very novel natural and clean technology. The seeds are treated with an exclusive bioloquefaction technology in order to release the complete phytocomplex of the plant. This natural complex contains CBD antioxidants, proteins, polysaccharides and of course the oil. This rich and interesting phytocomplex which has been tested and proven to be significantly efficient on reducing skin ir r itation and scaliness, promotes hydration and positively modulates the microbiota. The Recovery 27 uniqueness and its restoring proper ties rely on the alchemy of natural ingredients and their synergy to deliver visible results in a green and clean formula.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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