Skin resilience, how to adapt a new beauty routine

Resilience, an essential beauty routine approach!

The word "resilience" comes from physics. It refers to a body’s ability to withstand a shock and regain a pre-existing functional state. Applied to the human, resilience defines the ability to resist, to endure the trials of life, to bounce back, to continue to move forward after a trauma.

Neuroscience has brought to light that genes are not a fatality to be able to resist and overcome difficult situations. Even if we are sensitive to a disease or certain factors, it would be possible to activate or deactivate the factors that influence our ability to overcome trauma through our behavior. It is, of course, impossible to anticipate all life events and triggers, such as the pandemic we have been experiencing since the beginning of 2020, but we can learn to better prepare for certain situations and contexts and understand them with a kind of “survival kit”. This means getting to know everything that calms us, comforts us, regenerates us, stimulates us and allows us to adapt in a new environment.

There are five pillars that structure our way of life: a balanced diet, physical exercise, learning and intellectual training, sleep and social exchanges.

Clearly we were not spared in 2020 on several of these pillars. Isolation caused by confinement, anxiety, sedentary lifestyles all affect health and morale. We must redouble our energy, our will, our confidence and our positivity in order to overcome this continuing period. Some of us are more “genetically” resilient at the grassroots level, but from problems, from situations, from shocks, a person will first react by resisting and then, possibly, will succeed in adapting, and perhaps even develop. Resilience is a dynamic process. We can all find our “survival kit” that can contain what will fix us and do us good. Meditating, practicing a sport, reading, travelling, studying, writing, drawing, getting involved in a project, a cause, cultivating the bonds that do good, eliminating toxic relationships and waves are as many outlets and levers to develop our resilience.

Beauty routine, there is no fatality

All these concepts and methods to manage «shocks and hard hits» are totally adaptable to our skin and beauty routine. It has its own immune system, it has a kind of plasticity that allows it to adapt to situations. We all know how much it is subjected to violent environmental aggression. Today it is also subjected to internal shocks. Our skin is sensitive and has its own resilience, different for everyone. It is therefore possible to use its own “survival kit”.

A basic principle to remember: everything that makes us feel good, will make our skin feel good!

The «survival kit» for our skin contains all the levers listed above. Think about it! It’s about adopting a self care mode, taking care of your body and mind, and taking great care of your skin, taking care of yourself, regenerating, repairing, and strengthening your skin’s resilience.

It is essential to adopt a gentle, soothing, regenerating routine that is good for your skin. Avoid brushing, assaulting or further abusing your skin. It is, for many in this winter season and period of semi confinement, in a state of survival, at best in a state of extreme resistance. Let’s treat our skin, pamper it and let it regain its strength, adapt and rebuild itself!

We recommend to adopt our Skin Beauty Routine; It is based on 4 products, 4 formulas that will act in a complementary and synergistic way to improve your mood and the natural capacities of adaptation of your skin: super antioxidant nutritional supplement + moisturizing, detox and anti pollution cream + super soothing recovery serum + regenerating concentrate.

A skin programme to follow up for 2 months to see your skin repair and regain its strength and health!

Discover our Skin resilience beauty routine.

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