The skin needs change

Our skin has its own rhythm and must adapt to our changing environment, lifestyle, and moods.
Seasonal changes, of course, but also lack of sleep, poor or shifting food habits, stress, general health,
and uncontrollable external factors all affect our skin and its condition.

C27 formulas are made to help the skin calibrate that vital equilibrium. We achieve this through a concept of mixology, or blending, which allows you to create the right product and texture for each individual, personal need. The only knowledge required to adopt mixology is intuitively understanding, feeling and listening to our skin to see what it truly requires.

Because each skin is unique,
I want to provide the possibility
of a fully personalized treatment
by combining our formulas.

- Michèle Evrard

Made to measure skin care

Cosmetics 27 formulas are designed to work together. Bio-compatible and the perfect complement to the other, the products synergy allows a unique « blend » that offers your ideal  texture preferences and result .The products become the  ‘‘ingredients’’ to create a personalized, unique « formula ».  It is the adaptive approach Michèle developed to offer DIY,  bespoke treatments.

Ps- The products can certainly be layered as well but Michèle believes in « less is more » and tested that by blending, we simply use less product and the skin seems to appreciate it!

You are the best expert for your skin

Create your own formula!
The mixtures and dosages are totally intuitive and adaptable. The combinations, infinite! The products can be blended 2 by 2 or by 3. There is no wrong approach, try and see!  The right blend to suit your skin will quickly become apparent.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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