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Every day, the skin is put to the test by our environment and its fine particles, the climate, stress, an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, UV rays and blue light. The anti-pollution skincare products we offer are formulated to help protect the skin and reinforce the epidermis, the natural defense barrier essential to the skin. Our cream Bio-logique 27 protects against external aggressions, moisturizes the hydrolipidic skin structure and provides a real protective shield that strengthens the defense natural barrier.

Challenged with external aggressions, the natural defense capacities of our skin are affected and tend to diminish with time: the skin loses its regenerative capabilities. It dehydrates and redness and irritation can start to show. Gradually, the skin tissue is deprived and deficient and it can no longer act to implement is defense mechanisms. By using an anti-pollution skincare treatment on a daily basis, the skin is then better prepared to fight external detrimental factors. Healthy again, it regains its vitality, its natural balance and its radiance.

At C27, we study and use the power of natural ingredients whose efficacy has been widely tested by experience and proven by science. To help protect your skin against external aggressions and oxidation, we offer anti-pollution skincare that can address all skin types. Our cosmeceuticals are specifically formulated for skins that are exposed daily to environmental aggressions. They stimulate the natural self-regenerating and self-protecting functions of the skin, while helping it to respect and preserve the integrity of its microbiota. Centella Asiatica, part of all our formulas, helps the skin regenerate itself and it also protects against the action of internal and external oxidation factors. The prebiotics that we include in our anti-pollution formulas help strengthen the microbiota of the skin, which is its first protective barrier. The skin tissue is then better prepared to resist stress and inflammation. Specifically designed to help the skin defend itself against environmental aggressions, the Crème Bio-logique 27 creates a protective shield on your face that prevents fine particles and toxins from adhering. The skin is less subject to oxidative stress and mitochondrial toxicity. It gradually regains its elasticity, its vitality and its natural balance. Your face shows a healthy skin.

Our anti-pollution skincare treatments are formulated to adapt their efficacy to all skin types, regardless of age, skin tone or gender. Our cosmeceuticals may be applied as a daily home regimen, morning and night, on cleansed, makeup-free skin, and dry patted skin. Thanks to their light, non-oily texture, our skincare treatment melt into your epidermis and provide natural and comfortable results. Note that the anti-pollution treatments can be combined to achieve optimal results. Hence, you can apply two doses of one of our expert serums before applying Crème Bio-Logique 27. Do not forget to apply your treatment not only to the face but also to your neck and décolleté. Also, make sure to adapt your home regimen routine according to the needs of your skin that evolve in time, and in particular with the changing of seasons. If during winter time, your skin tends to feel too tight, it means it needs more hydrated, soothed and nourished. Thus, do not hesitate to complement your anti-pollution skincare with our soothing and moisturizing Recovery 27 serum, morning and night for proper and complete hydration and protection.

At Cosmetics 27 we are committed to take good care of your skin thanks to active ingredients derived from nature. To this effect, Michèle Evrard has dedicated a long time to design your cosmeceuticals by selecting high-performance and breakthrough clean natural ingredients. It is thanks to this work that our anti-pollution skin care treatments stand out from regular cosmetic products: shrewdly studied, tested and scientifically proven, our products with clean ethics provide the skin with visible and long-lasting results. We use natural ingredients that support your skin to help it regain its own protective barriers. Centella Asiatica, Aloe Vera, distilled water of Lettuce and Lemon Balm, mineral salts, Kombucha, Resveratrol and probiotics are the sole ingredients in our Crème Bio-logique 27, and they are all issued from sustainable natural sources. C27 cares for your skin thanks to cosmeceuticals that rely on the natural properties found in plants. As such, we respect our commitment while respecting both your health and that of the planet.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

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