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Clean, uncompromising ethic

“Clean” is the heart of our brand values. At C27, it has its own definition: be transparent, be authentic and be ethical. Our products are designed with these principles in mind—uncompromising formulas free from unnecessary, unwanted additives, leaving only ingredients that respect the skin and deliver results. We strive to use minimal packaging and sustainable sourcing while prioritizing premium quality and safety. Working on clean formulas, our challenge has turned into a strict formulation charter, working as much on actives as on the excipients *. We do so by reducing their number, and tracking their origins & sustainability criteria to craft clean, natural, honest formulas, always good for the skin!

*Excipients: all the “non-active” ingredients that make a formula. They include mainly emulsifiers, emollients, stabilizers,
preservatives, fragrance, colorants, texturizing agents. They make an acceptable, stable, safe product.

Conceiving clean formulas for
the past 10 years was a challenge
that led me to prioritize
the research & study of natural
& clean ingredients.

Our formulation charter

Michèle started to work on her natural product concept long before it became a high market demand. In 2008, her idea was to develop and bring women (and men) visible results with the maximum amount of natural ingredients in both actives and excipients.* The challenge was not so much finding active ingredients but rather formulating with natural or green chemistry-produced excipients. They are non-active, yet extremely important for the attributes consumers expect from their products, like texture, feel, penetration, finish, scent, color and, most importantly, safety.

She has established her own “formulation charter” eliminating ingredients she feels are not necessary or healthful in formulas for the skin. Michèle constantly works to improve the formulas’ clean criteria while tracking innovations and new techniques to deliver the best products.


Green chemistry is an emerging field that manufactures “chemical” products and ingredients through processes that use renewable, sustainable raw materials while eliminating waste and avoiding the use of toxic and hazardous reactants and solvents. It is setting out to be the next generation of “cleaner” chemistry, a science that remains indispensable in our lives and for our future.

Made in France

All our products are 100% made in France, from conception to shipment, with the majority of ingredients sourced right here in France. We pride ourselves on being part of the French Beauty industry, that pioneered the market and remains at the avant garde, as the most advanced, innovative, creative and qualitative in the world.

We're committed to conceiving clean, natural, uncompromising skincare.

We engage in sustainability.

Michèle Evrard, Founder

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